Founded in 2018 by Annemarie van Gorkom, AnyJewelry embodies the belief that personal style is dynamic and ever-evolving. Recognizing the unique tastes and expressions of individuals, our mission is to craft jewelry that resonates with every individual. Our expanding collections of silver and gold-plated pieces offer boundless opportunities to express yourself in any moment, reflecting your distinct personality and style.

Annemarie van Gorkom is a passionate and versatile jewelry designer based in Amsterdam. With a background in jewelry art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and goldsmith training from De Vakschool in Schoonhoven, she brings a wealth of technical expertise to her designs.Having worked as a jeweler and diamond setter in diverse professional settings, Annemarie blends her technical skills with adventurous concepts to create pieces that defy easy categorization. Inspired by the symbolic significance of jewelry worldwide, her designs are contemporary, graphic, and effortlessly wearable.Dedicated to providing personalized attention, Annemarie listens closely to the needs and preferences of her customers, readily accommodating small adjustments to her designs.


To make sure that your jewelry stays in prime condition it is important to note that silver and gold coating naturally tarnishes with exposure to air and too much direct contact with water should be avoided. Chlorine, detergents, oils, soap, moisturizers and perfumes can all cause tarnishing and damage to the Sterling silver.

Please avoid keeping your jewelry in the bathroom because of the humidity. This can tarnish the Sterling pieces even faster. To keep your jewelry gleaming we advise you to remove them before swimming, showering, bathing, exercising, sleeping and more. When body lotions and perfumes are applied make sure that they have settled before putting your jewelry on.

Keep the original jewelry boxes or wrap each peeve individually in a soft tissue. 

Specially formulated silver jewelry polish is your safest option when it comes to keeping your jewelry in good shape. We advise you to use silver polish from a certified jewelry store or a store with a high quality jewelry department.